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Show "Cornucopia"

A full-length multidisciplinary show dedicated to the fascinating figure of the muses in 2000 years of music and literature.

A journey through the history of literature, language, music and its expression, in which the unique figure of the muse has left its mark and varied projections.

“A performance that focuses on the theme of art, eternally suspended between immortality and transience, and whose symbol is the Muses themselves, goddesses of antiquity who inspired artistic creation. The production, directed by Berlin-based Lidia Buonfino, who is also a "muse" of the show, traces 2000 years of literary and musical depictions of these deities so beloved by poets. 

The muses bring to the stage a performance in which the aesthetic dimension undoubtedly predominates, together with purely artistic research and reflection."- Il Giornale d'Italia, Jan. 2023

"This eclecticism is a key feature of the awards show, which is by definition a celebration of diversity and blending between disciplines, genres, styles and cultures. (That's the beauty of a theater like No'hma: we're only inspired by healthy love and curiosity about culture and the arts in all their expressions, beyond prejudice and ideological cages.) Therefore wanted

we will start the new year with a performance that celebrates the power and fascination of art at all times and in all its forms".- Madame Livia Pomodoro on the performance at the 14th Naked Theater Awards

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