by Lidia Buonfino


by Lidia Buonfino


performed by

Lidia Buonfino, Johanna Blackstone, Giulia Sophia Young,

Anja Herrmann, Julia Bauer, Jana Riediger, Meike Münch

music by Johanna Blackstone & Anja Herrmann

The Muses, ancient goddesses of the arts, have come to life.

Combining the skills of stilt dancing with theatrical recitation, dance, singing and live music, the three artists celebrate an homage to all arts and their veneration.


In ancient greek and latin texts as well as old german and english translations they quote poets and philosophers like Hesiod, Capella and Plato, about the Muses and their gifts: 

Is it the flame of passion that constitutes the true artist? Is it his obsession and madness, or his devotion to truth and beauty? 

Do the Muses serve the artists by inspiring them or do they feed from their inspiration? 

Are they ethereal fairies who bless dreamers' souls or dangerous sphynxes who judge the unworthy?


The performers' slow and graceful movements, dancing on stilts with true weightlessness make the seem 'outside time', as if from an Olymp where humanity is a mere blink in immortal eternity.

This impression is underlined by their delicate, flowing garments created by Suzan Basbay out of antique saree and chiffon fabric that seem to float in the air or under water. 

The design by Lidia Buonfino is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman paintings and statues as well as by Art Nouveau portraits that revived and reinterpreted the ancient myths with light ornaments and a deep, dark and solemn esthetic.


The Muses' musical compositions by Johanna Blackstone and Anja Herrmann combine the earthy, tribal archaic heartbeat drums with mystical sound tapestries.

The polyphonic arrangements are inspired by medieval hymns as well as nordic and other folkloric and ritual chants.

The melodious voices of Julia Bauer and Johanna Blackstone are joined by bulgarian chants of Anja Herrmann and Giulia Sophia Young, who add a powerful folkloric edge to the harmonies.

As actress Lidia Buonfino who breaths new life into latin with her expressive, deep and conjuring voice, Meike Münchs hypnotic dancing and the acrobatic artistry of Jana Riediger mesmerise and complete the interdisciplinary performance.



If you are interested to book „The Muses“ for an event, contact Lidia@buonfino.de